BuzzFeed Explained

What is BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed holds a leading position in the digital media company and its services have reached hundreds of millions of people globally. BuzzFeed has a huge platform to create videos, articles, lists, quizzes, news, DIY, world-class reporting. Apart from this, the services also include e-commerce business and the development of products and experiences.

It is spread across more than 18 cities around the world and they employ writers, data scientists, designers, engineers, creatives, brand strategists, reporters, and multi-hyphenate producers, and more. It publishes stories, investigations, videos, experiences, recipes, quizzes and cartoons across its website and mobile apps, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.

Most of the websites are built up in such a way that any Publication will drive the traffic back to their websites but BuzzFeed is significantly different. It creates the network suspect content which is mostly used in the context of the platforms. 

Apart from it being a website, BuzzFeed also so has a good capability for branding and holds an immense collection of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. Whatever feeds, videos, content, memes, gifs, news, or anything which is made by BuzzFeed has its logo on it and that is an act of branding because this logo is very popular. The content of BuzzFeed is immensely popular and accepted by a huge range of people. The variety of distribution channels and the massive audience are the two main reasons for the success of BuzzFeed. Due to this, it has raised more than millions of dollars.

In the matter of Technology, Buzzfeed has measured performance and reported across more than 30 plus platforms which are not at all a small task and it requires a huge network management skill & coordination.

Buzzfeed can be clearly explained in the following four sentences:

The first being a huge and engaged audience.

The second is its branding and cohesive content style.

Third, it is the infrastructure used for cross channel distribution.

The fourth is the compatibility to operate in constantly varying media platforms.

Buzzfeed is an inspirational organization for any social media company.

Here are a few reasons listed below on why BuzzFeed is so popular.

  • The majority of the people like quizzes with the results which we can share on social media

These Buzzfeed Quizzes are superficial like “What city should you live in?” or “Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?” It creates a huge number of engagement for the people who have been looking for entertainment.

  • Content designed by this is mobile-friendly & social media friendly

Most of the millennials have no patience left to read huge articles and so easy to read listicles and gifs and small size content are very popular They design content that can be easily viewed on mobile apps & can be easily viral in no time.

  • It creates a lot of animated gifs that convey a lot of information.

Make any content easy to read it should have a suitable emoticon or gif and BuzzFeed does it brilliantly well. Instead of writing more than five lines on how you feel a gif depicting the emotion can be attractive.

  • It has a huge variety of content which fit all your needs

It has a huge team of content writers and also makes trendy videos and viral content memes and many more; apart from this it also makes articles in a journalistic manner. It has life hacks, cooking recipes, DIYs, useful information put in short and sweet content, or a one minute video.

  • To cater to the communities all around the world it is even hyper-localized.

It has grown so well that it is also been localized and adapted by many different countries. Anything related to local communities is also on the BuzzFeed Newsline.

How did BuzzFeed become one of the top 40 Alexa ranking sites through word-of-mouth?

  1. Helps to tap into people’s social motivations.
  2. It has used bite-sized content with gifts and quizzes which kept people engaged.
  3. For different demographics around the world, it has created highly localized variations.
  4. It Diversifies to produce different kinds of content on different channels as appropriate.
  5. They provide very valuable advertising opportunities.
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How Is News Shared Through Facebook?

Facebook, is a famous social media website which was made with the intention of connecting with friends. However, in the past few years, Facebook has completely changed. Facebook is no more a social site used for connecting with family or friends or sharing pictures/videos. It is now also being used for sharing news. People are sharing different types of news on Facebook these days. Owing to different attributes being added to Facebook, it has been ranked as one of the top most social media platforms across the world. However, its utilization and uses are changed and many new features have been added to Facebook.

Facebook as a news sharing website

By mentioning Facebook as a news sharing website, we did not mean that Facebook has become one of the news websites. But we mean that this social media website is now being used more often for sharing news. Earlier, people used to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos related to them on Facebook. But these days people are sharing different posts from different parts of the world. Not just the news, but many businesses are even using Facebook for promoting their products and service. It is largely being used for advertising and promotion, because of its huge reach all over the world. And with the help of Facebook, the news can easily reach to many people in just a few seconds. This is good for Facebook users who are not much into reading news from other sources. However, this is somehow bad as well, because there are many users on Facebook who are trying to spread the false news through it. Either way it is a large source of traffic and a very common way that users engage with the site. Aggregating and sharing information has shown to be so powerful for these reasons that many other social sites have attempted to recreate the same strategy. All the big social media sites have functions to share stories, articles, and memes. Even dating apps are implementing these functions. Many apps attempt to stay within their niche to increase brand value. For example, hookup site has a feature to share there blogs and information related to sex apps, hookup culture and other relevant topics.

Different ways news can be shared on Facebook

The news on Facebook can be shared using different methods, it entirely depends on an individual/company which method they want to opt. Most of the people who are active on Facebook on a regular basis know all these ways of sharing the news on Facebook. Even the businesses and news channels also know how they can share the news on Facebook. Let’s know some of these ways.

  1. Sharing news through Wall Post – If you are a Facebook user from a long time, you must be aware of how the news can be shared through wall post. You need to copy the link of the news which you want to share on your Facebook Account. After that, you can go to your Facebook account and can go to the Link option which is next to the Share option. Paste the link of the news which you copied. If you want to put a message along with it, you can write that too. Once you are done, you can share it, and the news article or the news video will be available on your Facebook Wall. It will be visible to your friends and families.
  2. Sharing news directly through the messages – If you only want to share the news with some particular users and you do not want to share it with other people, you can directly share it through messages also. You can share the link of the news with the person directly by opening the chat with them and sending the link to them. Or if you want to send it to many users, you can also create a group for sharing the news. This way you will be able to share the news with people individually.
  3. Share news directly from the website – If you are reading any news article on any website or watching any news video on any website, you can also share it directly from there. If the website allows to share news, you will see the Facebook sharing icon on the website. All you have to do is to click on the Facebook Sharing tab and then you can easily post the news article link on your Facebook Wall. You can also choose with whom you want to share the news, with only your Facebook contacts or with the public.
  4. Share news through from Facebook Pages – There are many news websites which have made their own Facebook news sharing page. Most of the users on Facebook follow these news websites Facebook Page according to their popularity and the type of news they share. So, when we read the news on any of these Facebook news pages, and if we like that news, we can share it on our wall also. We just need to click on the share tab below the news, and then we can share it on our Facebook wall.

Benefits of sharing news through Facebook

There are many benefits of sharing news through Facebook, and it’s not just the benefit of the users but it is also the benefit of the news websites. Let’s know some of these benefits.

  • News websites are able to generate a lot of traffic to their news site with the help of Facebook. As many users share the news on their account, and when other users click on it, it redirects the users to the news website. So, this helps the news websites a lot in earning a good profit.
  • Amidst millions of the users on Facebook, most of them are very much active on Facebook. So, news websites can easily target the audience through Facebook. They have made different news pages on Facebook, with the help of which they are being able to engage the users on the Facebook page and their website. This is helping the news websites in gaining popularity among the users. Especially, those news websites which are just a few years old or which have recently started.
  • Many users who do not read the news on regular basis, are being able to get the news through the Facebook when their friends post it on their wall or with the help of the Facebook news pages.

We now, know the benefits of Facebook News Sharing. But at some point, there is a disadvantage also of sharing the news on Facebook. As many fake and false news is also being shared on Facebook by many users. The fake and false news which has been shared on Facebook sometimes leads to big problems also, which is not at all good. So it will be interesting to how news shared through these mediums evolves.… Keep Reading

Largest News Websites

Gone are the days when people used to carry or buy newspapers every day to work or while coming from a walk. The Internet has made everything available for us in just one click. And that is why the news is also easily accessible these days with the help of different news websites and applications. There are many news websites available on the internet which helps in updating us with the information from around the world. There are some news websites which are popular all over the world for delivering the updated and correct news. Here, we are going to share with you about the largest news websites. Some of the largest news websites available in the world are:

CNN – This is one of the fastest-growing news websites with a huge fanbase. This news website has around 95 million visitors every month. It is known as Cable News Network. It is not just an online news portal or website but there is a CNN news channel also. It was founded by Ted Turner in the year 1980. On this news website, you will get information related to entertainment, politics, weather, sports, business, and world news. Be it the CNN news channel or the CNN news website, it always provides the latest news and information every minute. If you are someone who is interested in getting both international and national news, then you must start reading the news on CNN’s website.

BBC News – A news source from the UK, which is one of the well-known news providers. BBC is known as the British Broadcasting Corporation. We have BBC news channel, BBC radio broadcasting news station, and we do have BBC news website as well. The website of the BBC has around 35 million visitors every month. For many people around the world, BBC is so far the best news provider worldwide. It covers news of almost every part of the world. Be it the entertainment news, or current affairs, political news from different parts of the world, sports news, or the news related to science, it provides almost every type of news on its website. It is one of the oldest news providers which is a favorite news website of many people around the world.

The Washington Post – It is an American based news provider, which has popularity around the world. The Washington Post is not just the new website but there is also a traditional newspaper circulated in all over America known as The Washington Post. It is one of the most readable newspaper and news website in America. Earlier, only the newspaper was there, but later on, they also started the news website. The Washington Post news portal has around 47 million visitors every month. This news portal provides both international and regional news. It provides business-related news, politics news, technology news, and all the other latest news and happenings in the world. If you wish to get the best news from the world, start reading this news website.

The Guardian – This is another British news website which was earlier known as Guardian Unlimited. In the UK, the Guardian new portal is one of the favorite news portals in the UK after BBC News. However, many people prefer to read news from The Guardian only, as it is one of those news websites which provides unbiased news from different parts of the world. Around 42 million unique visitors visit the news website every month. You can read about the politics, fashion, technology, business, travel, and other such related news on The Guardian’s portal.

Huffington Post – If you are very active online and keep looking for the news on different subjects, then Huffington Post is the right news website for you. It is an American news website which was started in the year 2005. This news website has around 110 million visitors every month. You will get news related to technology, health, lifestyle, politics, entertainment, sports, and many other sections on this online news portal. The website also covers blogs on different things.

Other than these news websites, there are many other news portals also which are quite popular in the world. Like Yahoo News, New York Times, Mail Online, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and many others.… Keep Reading

What is Clickbait?

Have you ever been fascinated by the first few lines of a post that you ended up clicking just to complete reading the story. This is a form of advertising that attracts viewers to an ad otherwise known as clickbait. It can be defined as a web content that is aimed at generating revenues through online advertising. Clickbait relies on enchanting headlines in order to attract clicks and it also encourages material to be forwarded over the social network. Click bait basically tends to exploit the curious nature of human beings by providing just the right amount of information that will make the reader click to view the entire content.

Why clickbait is used?

Clickbait can be used for the good and the bad depending on the user. Clickbait can be used for promoting high quality content to a wider audience. It can also be made for promotion of viral content for the sole purpose of generating revenue. Clickbaiting can also be used for the purpose of directing individuals to malicious links such as phishing sites, malware and scams. If the scammer or hacker can manage to get you to click a link then they will probably trick you into installing any of their malicious software. The hackers and scammers use the same techniques as other legit advertisers to target audience. They have traffic incentives as well as affiliate marketing programs.

How to spot a bad clickbait

Whenever you spot a clickbait online make sure that you check to see whether it is a good clickbait or a bad clickbait. A scammer will most definitely use a deal that is too good to be true on a clickbait. This should alert you that you should stay away as it is a possible sign of a scam. Such Clickbaits have funny and sinister incentives and if you happen to click on the bait you will be redirected to a website where your credit card information will be lost. For those trying to phish information then they will use clickbait to steal personal information. It is not uncommon to encounter maliscious clickbait when browsing adult content, quick money schemes, or backpage alternative sites like doublelist.

Can it be good?

Clickbait isn’t that bad as it has been portrayed. There are companies and businesses that are using clickbait positively to get their products out there. The headline of the clickbait has to be catchy otherwise it will not attract any audience. It is used by people who have the intention to direct traffic to their web page. A lot is required when designing a clickbait since the target audience are very niche specific and will lose interest once they don’t understand or relate to your headline.

Are clickbaits the goal?

Marketers and content creators are busy in the market looking for different ways to attract audience. The ultimate goal is to direct traffic and convert them to visitors. A clickbait can have a snippet of the entire information so as to excite the curiosity of the reader. It can also have all the information that is essential if the content is enticing. Simply put, create a bait and make sure that the headline is enticing. Once people click on your bait deliver whatever you promised.… Keep Reading