BuzzFeed Explained

What is BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed holds a leading position in the digital media company and its services have reached hundreds of millions of people globally. BuzzFeed has a huge platform to create videos, articles, lists, quizzes, news, DIY, world-class reporting. Apart from this, the services also include e-commerce business and the development of products and experiences.

It is spread across more than 18 cities around the world and they employ writers, data scientists, designers, engineers, creatives, brand strategists, reporters, and multi-hyphenate producers, and more. It publishes stories, investigations, videos, experiences, recipes, quizzes and cartoons across its website and mobile apps, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.

Most of the websites are built up in such a way that any Publication will drive the traffic back to their websites but BuzzFeed is significantly different. It creates the network suspect content which is mostly used in the context of the platforms. 

Apart from it being a website, BuzzFeed also so has a good capability for branding and holds an immense collection of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. Whatever feeds, videos, content, memes, gifs, news, or anything which is made by BuzzFeed has its logo on it and that is an act of branding because this logo is very popular. The content of BuzzFeed is immensely popular and accepted by a huge range of people. The variety of distribution channels and the massive audience are the two main reasons for the success of BuzzFeed. Due to this, it has raised more than millions of dollars.

In the matter of Technology, Buzzfeed has measured performance and reported across more than 30 plus platforms which are not at all a small task and it requires a huge network management skill & coordination.

Buzzfeed can be clearly explained in the following four sentences:

The first being a huge and engaged audience.

The second is its branding and cohesive content style.

Third, it is the infrastructure used for cross channel distribution.

The fourth is the compatibility to operate in constantly varying media platforms.

Buzzfeed is an inspirational organization for any social media company.

Here are a few reasons listed below on why BuzzFeed is so popular.

  • The majority of the people like quizzes with the results which we can share on social media

These Buzzfeed Quizzes are superficial like “What city should you live in?” or “Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?” It creates a huge number of engagement for the people who have been looking for entertainment.

  • Content designed by this is mobile-friendly & social media friendly

Most of the millennials have no patience left to read huge articles and so easy to read listicles and gifs and small size content are very popular They design content that can be easily viewed on mobile apps & can be easily viral in no time.

  • It creates a lot of animated gifs that convey a lot of information.

Make any content easy to read it should have a suitable emoticon or gif and BuzzFeed does it brilliantly well. Instead of writing more than five lines on how you feel a gif depicting the emotion can be attractive.

  • It has a huge variety of content which fit all your needs

It has a huge team of content writers and also makes trendy videos and viral content memes and many more; apart from this it also makes articles in a journalistic manner. It has life hacks, cooking recipes, DIYs, useful information put in short and sweet content, or a one minute video.

  • To cater to the communities all around the world it is even hyper-localized.

It has grown so well that it is also been localized and adapted by many different countries. Anything related to local communities is also on the BuzzFeed Newsline.

How did BuzzFeed become one of the top 40 Alexa ranking sites through word-of-mouth?

  1. Helps to tap into people’s social motivations.
  2. It has used bite-sized content with gifts and quizzes which kept people engaged.
  3. For different demographics around the world, it has created highly localized variations.
  4. It Diversifies to produce different kinds of content on different channels as appropriate.
  5. They provide very valuable advertising opportunities.

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