Largest News Websites

Gone are the days when people used to carry or buy newspapers every day to work or while coming from a walk. The Internet has made everything available for us in just one click. And that is why the news is also easily accessible these days with the help of different news websites and applications. There are many news websites available on the internet which helps in updating us with the information from around the world. There are some news websites which are popular all over the world for delivering the updated and correct news. Here, we are going to share with you about the largest news websites. Some of the largest news websites available in the world are:

CNN – This is one of the fastest-growing news websites with a huge fanbase. This news website has around 95 million visitors every month. It is known as Cable News Network. It is not just an online news portal or website but there is a CNN news channel also. It was founded by Ted Turner in the year 1980. On this news website, you will get information related to entertainment, politics, weather, sports, business, and world news. Be it the CNN news channel or the CNN news website, it always provides the latest news and information every minute. If you are someone who is interested in getting both international and national news, then you must start reading the news on CNN’s website.

BBC News – A news source from the UK, which is one of the well-known news providers. BBC is known as the British Broadcasting Corporation. We have BBC news channel, BBC radio broadcasting news station, and we do have BBC news website as well. The website of the BBC has around 35 million visitors every month. For many people around the world, BBC is so far the best news provider worldwide. It covers news of almost every part of the world. Be it the entertainment news, or current affairs, political news from different parts of the world, sports news, or the news related to science, it provides almost every type of news on its website. It is one of the oldest news providers which is a favorite news website of many people around the world.

The Washington Post – It is an American based news provider, which has popularity around the world. The Washington Post is not just the new website but there is also a traditional newspaper circulated in all over America known as The Washington Post. It is one of the most readable newspaper and news website in America. Earlier, only the newspaper was there, but later on, they also started the news website. The Washington Post news portal has around 47 million visitors every month. This news portal provides both international and regional news. It provides business-related news, politics news, technology news, and all the other latest news and happenings in the world. If you wish to get the best news from the world, start reading this news website.

The Guardian – This is another British news website which was earlier known as Guardian Unlimited. In the UK, the Guardian new portal is one of the favorite news portals in the UK after BBC News. However, many people prefer to read news from The Guardian only, as it is one of those news websites which provides unbiased news from different parts of the world. Around 42 million unique visitors visit the news website every month. You can read about the politics, fashion, technology, business, travel, and other such related news on The Guardian’s portal.

Huffington Post – If you are very active online and keep looking for the news on different subjects, then Huffington Post is the right news website for you. It is an American news website which was started in the year 2005. This news website has around 110 million visitors every month. You will get news related to technology, health, lifestyle, politics, entertainment, sports, and many other sections on this online news portal. The website also covers blogs on different things.

Other than these news websites, there are many other news portals also which are quite popular in the world. Like Yahoo News, New York Times, Mail Online, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and many others.… Keep Reading