What is Clickbait?

Have you ever been fascinated by the first few lines of a post that you ended up clicking just to complete reading the story. This is a form of advertising that attracts viewers to an ad otherwise known as clickbait. It can be defined as a web content that is aimed at generating revenues through online advertising. Clickbait relies on enchanting headlines in order to attract clicks and it also encourages material to be forwarded over the social network. Click bait basically tends to exploit the curious nature of human beings by providing just the right amount of information that will make the reader click to view the entire content.

Why clickbait is used?

Clickbait can be used for the good and the bad depending on the user. Clickbait can be used for promoting high quality content to a wider audience. It can also be made for promotion of viral content for the sole purpose of generating revenue. Clickbaiting can also be used for the purpose of directing individuals to malicious links such as phishing sites, malware and scams. If the scammer or hacker can manage to get you to click a link then they will probably trick you into installing any of their malicious software. The hackers and scammers use the same techniques as other legit advertisers to target audience. They have traffic incentives as well as affiliate marketing programs.

How to spot a bad clickbait

Whenever you spot a clickbait online make sure that you check to see whether it is a good clickbait or a bad clickbait. A scammer will most definitely use a deal that is too good to be true on a clickbait. This should alert you that you should stay away as it is a possible sign of a scam. Such Clickbaits have funny and sinister incentives and if you happen to click on the bait you will be redirected to a website where your credit card information will be lost. For those trying to phish information then they will use clickbait to steal personal information. It is not uncommon to encounter maliscious clickbait when browsing adult content, quick money schemes, or backpage alternative sites like doublelist.

Can it be good?

Clickbait isn’t that bad as it has been portrayed. There are companies and businesses that are using clickbait positively to get their products out there. The headline of the clickbait has to be catchy otherwise it will not attract any audience. It is used by people who have the intention to direct traffic to their web page. A lot is required when designing a clickbait since the target audience are very niche specific and will lose interest once they don’t understand or relate to your headline.

Are clickbaits the goal?

Marketers and content creators are busy in the market looking for different ways to attract audience. The ultimate goal is to direct traffic and convert them to visitors. A clickbait can have a snippet of the entire information so as to excite the curiosity of the reader. It can also have all the information that is essential if the content is enticing. Simply put, create a bait and make sure that the headline is enticing. Once people click on your bait deliver whatever you promised.


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